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For education

Zakłady Azotowe PUŁAWY SA believes that education is a key factor fostering development. It is thanks to education that we can implement the most ambitious plans and attain our goals, which in turn allows us to enjoy high living standards. That is why the Company supports educational institutions and - within its means - tries to improve the teaching standards at local schools. Zakłady Azotowe PUŁAWY attaches particular importance to protection of the environment, and very often becomes involved in supporting activities related to environmental education in a broad sense of the term.

Zakłady Azotowe PUŁAWY's pro-educational activities focus around such aspects as:

• improving the quality of teaching aids and equipment at schools in Puławy,

• education (especially environmental education) of children and youngsters,

• securing the availability of qualified professionals to meet the Company's staffing needs.

Support provided by zakłady Azotowe Puławy: Among other initiatives, the support provided by Zakłady Azotowe PUŁAWY comprises “live archaeology” shows, as part of the Proto-Slavic Settlements project in the Chodelka Valley. The historical setting provides an opportunity to travel back in time and see what life in the proto-slavic epoch looked like, from the preparation of meals to the making of tools. The discovered archaeological evidence has enabled specialists to reconstruct dugouts, a bridge, a palisade and other structures.

We support projects : In the past year, Zakłady Azotowe PUŁAWY SA offered its support to the project “Active Environmental Education in the Vistula Valley”. The products of the initiative will be displayed during the Dni Wisły event, hosted by the Natural Museum from May 27th until June 9th 2012.