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For our town
For our town

Grupa Azoty PUŁAWY SA significantly contributes to the development of the town it is based in, as well as the whole region. In addition to being the largest employer in the area, we actively participate in the life of the local community, in the spirit of corporate social responsibility.

We do not act for our own benefit only but for the benefit of the local community, which we have grown into over the last 50 years.

One of the pillars underlying the development of entrepreneurship in Puławy, as set out in the document entitled "Strategy for Development of the Town of Puławy in 2007–2015", is "to further the cooperation between the local government and the business community, including Zakłady Azotowe PUŁAWY S.A.". This provision indicates that the local authorities are aware of the Company's key role in creating the right climate for business, based on the 50 year long tradition of joint initiatives implemented for the benefit of the town.

Puławy is a perfect place to pursue career ambitions and passions, a place to live and work in – this is how we see our town. By offering our support, we want to share this vision with others.

Grupa Azoty PUŁAWY has made the following donations to the town of Puławy: See more

• fixed assets in the form of two roads (al. Tysiąclecia Państwa Polskiego and ul. Długa), with a rail viaduct and street lighting (for the benefit of the Puławy Municipality),
• a gymnasium, tennis court, athletes accommodation hotel, stadium and swimming pool with auxiliary infrastructure and equipment (for the benefit of the Puławy Municipality),
• PLN 1m for the benefit of Puławy's health care institution (Zakład Opieki Zdrowotnej) to purchase equipment for the dentistry and radiology rooms,
• funds to purchase three infusion pumps for the Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Ward of the Specialist Hospital in Puławy; in 2005 – the Company co-funded the purchase of a vital signs viewer with the intracranial pressure measuring function,
• funds to purchase a state-of-the-art CT scanner (jointly with the Klub Kiwanis Puławy Association),
• donation to fund the building of an inpatient hospice,
• 50 residential buildings with approximately three thousand Company-owned housing units, which were sold to tenants or donated to the dozen or so newly established housing cooperatives,
• 6 staff accommodation hotels, including 4 donated to the newly established housing cooperatives and 2 converted into quality housing units,
• approximately 210 hectares of forest land previously used by the Company and approximately 50 hectares of associated amenity land (for the benefit of the State Forests),
• a marina (for the benefit of a sailing organisation) and a hunting cabin (for the benefit of a hunting organisation).

Just under PLN 1.5bn in financial support to the municipality over the years*, including: See more

• PLN 756m plus to build residential, Company-owned developments, as well as public and cooperative developments,
• PLN 150m for the cultural centre Puławski Ośrodek Kultury "Dom Chemika" (built with own funds),
• PLN 112m to build municipal hotels and infrastructure in the town,
• PLN 100m plus to build nurseries, kindergartens and schools,
• approximately PLN 13m on retail and service centres,
• approximately PLN 100m on sporting and recreational facilities,
• PLN 70m plus to construct streets and local roads, as well as road and rail transport infrastructure,
 approximately PLN 65m on district outpatient clinics, the municipal hospital, pharmacies and a nurse accommodation hotel.

*until 1980.

The arrival of Grupa Azoty PUŁAWY transformed the townSee more

Before World War II, the town of Puławy had a population of 14,640, which came down to just 9,128 after the war. In 1960, the number of the town's inhabitants was again close to the pre-war level. A population boom commenced after the Company's facilities were erected – in January 1965 Puławy had over 19 thousand inhabitants, with the number having increased close to 50 thousand in 2011.

Taxes we pay to the townSee more

Tax revenues contributed to the town treasury by the Company's operations include some PLN 24m in real estate tax and PLN 30m withheld from employee salaries as income tax*.

*data from early 2010, made available by Janusz Grobel, mayor of Puławy