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Grupa Azoty launches R&D Centre at Grupa Azoty Fosfory of Gdańsk

The Grupa Azoty Group continues to implement green projects within its Agro segment. To this end, it has opened an R&D Centre for Biofertilizers at its Gdańsk-based plant Grupa Azoty Fosfory.

Grupa Azoty Group to release estimates of its consolidated production output on a regular basis

On February 22nd 2023, the Management Board of Grupa Azoty S.A. made a decision to commence regular publication of estimates of the Group’s consolidated production output on a monthly basis. The Company wishes to emphasise that its production output is adjusted in line with changes in demand on the European market. The reporting of estimated output figures is intended to enhance the transparency of the Company information disclosure policy, whose purpose is to ensure that investors are provided with access to information which is relevant to assessing the condition of Grupa Azoty S.A. and its Group.

Start of Grupa Azoty’s ‘We Care for the Polish Land’ lottery

Another edition of Grupa Azoty’s customer lottery has been launched, with prizes including a John Deere 5075E tractor. Over the past five years more than 1,200 prizes have already been distributed to winning farmers, including five agricultural tractors as grand prizes.

In view of stabilising gas prices on European market in January, Grupa Azoty updates its price lists for fertilizer products

Given a stabilisation of natural gas prices on the European market seen in January, despite strong year-on-year increases in the prices of other fertilizer production inputs, including electricity, coal, phosphate rock and potassium chloride, the Grupa Azoty Group has decided to lower its prices of fertilizer products with effect from February 1st 2023.

Changes on Grupa Azoty Puławy Management Board

On January 17th 2023, Renata Tyszer resigned from her position as Vice President and member of the Management Board of Grupa Azoty Puławy. Furthermore, following resignation by Tomasz Hryniewicz from his position as President and member of the Management Board, the Supervisory Board of the Company, at its meeting held on January 17th 2023, appointed Justyna Majsnerowicz, who previously served as the Company’s Vice President, to act as President of the Management Board.


Changes in composition of Grupa Azoty and Grupa Azoty Puławy Management Boards

At its meeting held on January 16th 2023, the Supervisory Board of Grupa Azoty S.A. passed a resolution to remove from the Management Board of Grupa Azoty S.A. one of its Vice Presidents Mr Tomasz Hryniewicz. The resolution came into effect upon its adoption. At the same time, Grupa Azoty Puławy S.A. accepted a statement of resignation by Mr Tomasz Hryniewicz from the position of President of the Management Board and from membership of the Management Board of Grupa Azoty Puławy S.A., effective January 16th 2023.